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A proud Munich Child, serving the Lower Mainland with flavorful German childhood memories

Our love for German food is in our DNA!

Our founder, Amelie, came to Canada 9 years ago after meeting her Canadian husband Riley while he was playing soccer in Munich.

She honed her skills as a baker, crafting custom cakes for friends and family before deciding to focus solely on her heritage and the amazing food that Germany has to offer. To Amelie, MunChi is about sharing her love for German cuisine with the community.

Every dish MunChi creates is infused with not only our passion, but also the authenticity of Amelie's own German roots.

At MunChi, we are proud to offer a taste of Germany with every bite. The flavours will make you feel like you’re in the heart of Munich.

Our German food is made with pride and passion from scratch, using our family recipes and important imported German ingredients.

We don't imitate German food - we make it !

Our commissary kitchen and farmers market stands are the perfect place to experience the authentic flavors of Germany, whether you're craving a freshly baked pretzel or a crispy bite of a traditional schnitzel or German cake. 

Come by and taste for yourself what makes our food stand out from the rest.

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